Visual Advertising Workshop LLC

199178, Saint Petersburg, 85 16th Line, Vasilievskiy Island

+7 (812) 640-01-06

+7 (812) 380-14-71

+7 (812) 380-14-72



Engraving Department:

+7 (812) 955-60-90

Our clients

Canon representative office for Petersburg and the Northwestern region of the Russian Federation

Cop. Copine clothing store chain

General Motors automobile concern

GE Money Bank bank

Konika Minolta representative office in the Russian Federation

Motivi fashionable clothing stores

NB COM notebook stores

Nina Ricci boutiques

OGGI clothing store chain

O’Stin clothing store chain

Park Inn hotel chain

PLAY audio and video store

Radisson hotel chain

ROSSI elite furniture store chain

Savage clothing store

Skoda automobile dealership

SportLife sports clubs

Sprandi sports store chain

SPB bar chain

TJ Collection shoe store chain

Toy Store chain

Ulla Popken clothing boutique

XXXX bar chain

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