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Last News


30.12.2015. Installation work in Sochi in the hotel "ROSA SPRINGS".

At the end of December 2015, our team has produced work on Assembly of façade signage on the building of a new hotel in Sochi - "ROSA SPRINGS". The installation was preceded by work on development of project documentation. Only on the building facade was installed four signboards with total area of 55 sqm, three of which are located at a height of over 25 meters.


01.11.2015. Installation work on building of hotels in cities of Russia.

In May-October 2015 installation team "Visual Advertising Workshop" Company has carried out a number of works in various regions of Russia. In Kaluga, Kirov and Ufa were mounted roof installation, facade signage, pylons and elements of interior navigation for the hotels "Hilton Garden Inn" and "Hampton by Hilton"; in Moscow – front signage and pylon for the hotel "Hampton by Hilton" in Kaliningrad at the hotel "Ibis" – roof installation, facade signage and console. Part of the above facade signage located at a height of over 30 meters.



About us


The Visual Advertising Workshop Company has been working on the advertising market in Saint Petersburg since 1998. Our speciality of every type of outdoor advertisement:


- Rooftop installations

- Signs

- Neon signs

- Interior signs

- Display letters

- Consoles

- Light boxes

- Visors

- Banners

- Window dressing and POSM


We are prepared to any kind of interior advertisement for you; signs, placard, informational stands, and POS materials or to assemble display cases.



The Visual Advertising Workshop Company provides an entire array of services related to outdoor advertising:

- design;

- approval from the municipal government;

- engineering work (design and analysis);

- assembly work;

- maintenance.

A high-tech production facility, professionally trained employees and many years of experience come together to ensure the high quality of the Visual Advertising Workshop Company’s products.

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